Privacy Policy

At Paran Property, we respect the privacy of your own personal data. The use of your personal data is subject to your instructions and agreement, as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This website is managed by Paran Property – Paran Property Services, 2A Park Avenue, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 2EL, Surrey

During a visit to our offices, website or via telephone enquiry, you may be asked to provide data about yourself if you have called to make a property enquiry. At this point, we will gain the following details; your name and address; email address, phone number, identity verification information for UK residence checking purposes and details on why you are contacting us e.g. a call to arrange a property viewing

If you begin to use our services, then additional personal information may be sought. As well as gaining information from you directly, there are other ways in which we collect your information. Examples include, from employers, a bank of building society or third parties. Please note, we only collect information and personal data that is relevant to our business, Paran Property, and the services we offer.

Your personal data will be kept safely and when we have stopped acting on your behalf or advising you. Information that is no longer required will be deleted and anonymised. The retention of information period may vary in different circumstances. To meet agreed industry practices in relation to property sales, details may need to be kept for 12 years. Also, to ensure legal and regulatory requirements are met, financial records need to be held for a minimum of 6 years.